A tooth for a tooth

At our place, jumping on the trampoline with your brother quickly becomes just like an episode straight out of UFC. Our boys have unknowingly become pro cage fighters!

We recently took the netting off the trampoline after the boys were purposefully running around, tearing big holes in it.  The new rule was only one person jumps at a time.

That rule was broken within the first half hour of play!

At this point the 7 year old had a wobbly tooth, it had been that way for about 7 months and was now hanging on by a thread.  He was being very precious about it, to the point where even eating was becoming a problem and he was starting to refuse to brush it.  The new tooth was already pushing through and we were becoming more and more concerned about his adult tooth needing to be cleaned.

We had many conversations about said tooth.  He wouldn’t let us near it. Shall we just pull it out in his sleep? No. Absolutely not! It had to come out when it was ready.

That time finally came when they were having their daily ‘cage fight’ (minus the actual cage) on the school holidays. The 4 year old gave his big brother a swift punch to the mouth and the pesky tooth came straight out!  He went screaming into the house holding his mouth.  Blood everywhere!  The poor kid.

He has now sworn revenge on his little brother and when the time comes, he has said he’ll return the favour!






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