Climbing… just about everything

Little boys like to climb. When I say just about everything, I mean just about everything!

Our little one started climbing pretty early.  He wasn’t really into climbing at the park or the playground like his big brother.  Who gets to the top of any climbing frame in record timing, swings like a monkey from rung to rung, climbs trees without fear of falling and pulls himself up a rope hanging from the tallest tree like a champion athlete.  His core strength is enviable!

But little bub is mostly into climbing our furniture.

Usually, there’s something that catches his eye.  Something that’s just out of his reach. Something he is not supposed to have.  Or somewhere he’s not supposed to be.

Like on the table…


Reaching for the pretty, blue iPod docked on top of his brother’s chest of drawers.


Climbing out of his cot and onto the tallboy for the sound machine…


The place he likes to climb most of all is my pantry.  That’s where I hide the lollies!

I’ve busted him climbing our furniture many times over the years. These are a few of the times I could safely take photos of him pushing the limits.

These days when our oldest son isn’t driving us up the walls, he’s climbing them!


I can’t quite bring myself to tell him off about it, I used to love doing the same thing at his age!



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