Dress ups

This morning I went to my son’s school for his Book Week Parade.  He dressed up as a pirate. Tough Boris!  The story was written by one of our favourite Australian children’s authors, Mem Fox.

I enjoyed watching the children proudly parade their special costumes for us.  It made me think about dress ups and how much enjoyment children get from the thrill of the transformation, from an ordinary child to superhero in an instant!

My boys are no exemption.  Dressing up is one of their favourite things to do! Not just to attend birthday parties, but as an activity.  Or basis for a game they like to play.  Getting their imagination in gear.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time playing at our neighbours house. They had a dress up box! I remember thinking how cool that was.  I loved to sort through the old dresses. I couldn’t tell you what boys outfits they had, at the time all I noticed were the dresses, handbags and shoes!

I thought having a dress up box was such a great idea, I have created one for my boys! We asked their Grandmothers for contributions to their collection.  They found old motorcycle gloves, handbags, robes and jewellery.  We have all sorts of old treasures for them to play with.  I also picked up a few cheap costumes on Gumtree.  TMNT, Darth Vader, Thor and Superman are their most recent additions.

Although, dress ups can be as simple as a donning a plastic tiara and Grandma’s old robe…

dress ups Baby J

These days our four year old likes to mix and match his dress up costumes.  For example, a few days ago he put on his big brothers Peter Pan costume (last years book week parade costume) with the ninja mask from his Ekka showbag, together with pirate pants (yes, over the top of the Peter Pan pants), pirate belt, gloves and to top it all off he added his Dracula shirt and cape (his Halloween costume from a few years back) then went and jumped on the trampoline!  When one wears a cape he simply must fly!

Dress ups

Getting back to Book Week, I thought I would share a few titles written by our favourite Australian children’s authors.

Mem Fox:

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Possum Magic, The Magic Hat, Where is the Green Sheep?


Nick Bland:

The Very Cranky Bear, The Very Noisy Bear and When Henry caught Imaginitis.

cranky bear.jpg

Jane Tanner:

Love from Grandma

love from grandma-Jane Tanner

Happy reading!




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