Brotherly love

When it comes to parenting, what I love most of all is seeing our boys together. Playing gently and talking nicely to each other. Seeing the grins on their little faces when they look into each others eyes. Watching them sharing their food or a favourite toy. Busting them having a little cuddle! Hearing them joke around and listening to them giggling. It melts my heart!

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My main goal in parenting these two little fellas is to help create a bond that will last a lifetime.  To assist them in becoming and staying best friends forever!

Sometimes that means I have to stand back and let them sort out their own problems.  It also means giving them some space to play together and not get in the way of them having fun. Even if it means finding them drawing all over each other!  They call this ‘tattoo-ing’. It’s one of their favourite activities!

But don’t worry! These felt pens wash off easily in the bath. Phew!

Childhood certainly holds some of life’s greatest surprises and for my boys, it also means getting up to lots of mischief!  I’m going to buckle in and get ready for a wild ride!







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