Screen time with virtue and integrity

I recently caught up with a group of girlfriends from primary school. A last minute mini reunion arranged by our friend who lives out west.  They were holidaying at the coast with her family.  We hadn’t seen her in over a decade!

Social media is a fantastic platform for people to stay in touch and for us it’s absolutely the case, although nothing beats seeing each other in the flesh!

Between the 5 of us, we have 8 young children and there’s another one of the way!

Meeting their children, actually chatting and playing with them was fantastic! They are all lovely little people.  They had a ball hanging out, just like we did as kids. Which was great to see.  I especially loved seeing my childhood friends, in action as parents!

One of my friends and her very creative Husband Mick, together with their youngsters in mind, have very cleverly created an educational children’s App with both virtue and integrity.


Little pockets Rock & Learn App features soft pastel colours throughout, which are gentle on little eyes. Their goals were to not over stimulate toddlers with bright colours, loud noises or being intrusive.

They incorporated fun children’s songs (all performed by Mick and a friend) which can be played over and over!  Colours with funny squirty sounds, numbers, shapes, letters floating though space AND being an Aussie made App, of course it features his Aussie accent! You little beauty!

They’ve thought of everything, even loading screen time has intentionally been increased to sneakily teach young children patience!  Bravo!

Well done guys!

My 4 year old loves listening to the songs and playing with the Space themed alphabet section, watching the rockets blast off!

Little Pockets Rock & Learn App is available on Google Play and the App store, link below.



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