Cheese? Yes please!

A few years ago, after bathing and dressing the little one in his PJs, I thought he was playing while I finished bathing his big brother.  Upon returning to the kitchen to finish making dinner, I busted him hooking into the big block of cheese I had left unguarded on the bench!


Clearly little boys LOVE cheese.

My boys especially like cheese on their baked beans.  I found a great recipe a few years ago, we have modified it slightly over time and now call it ‘cheesy beans’.  Basically, the beans are heated up with a few other ingredients, then cheese is melted over the top!  They request it regularly and as it’s quick, easy and tastes great I am more than happy to oblige.


They also love cheese on tacos, on lasagne, on their bolognaise, on their pizza, in a sandwich, in scrambled eggs, straight up, in their lunchbox or like my little one… stolen right off the bench!

Cheese is a great source of calcium for strong teeth and healthy bones

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know as much as the next parent how fussy children can be. My oldest son is very particular about his food and how I serve it. Therefore, I am more than happy to share my recipes if it makes other parents lives a little easier.

Click on the link cheesy-beans to download the Cheesy Beans recipe.  Enjoy!







3 thoughts on “Cheese? Yes please!

  1. Hi, the ice block holders are just lovely, I like the idea of bulky tea towels being dedicated to their original purpose once more! I think the flamingo and the unicorn are particularly gorgeous ❤️


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