Music as motivation

Getting the kids to dress themselves in the mornings can be like pulling teeth.  Impossible!

I have a trick I use to get my boys motivated….

I play their favourite song! The deal is, they have to be dressed by the end of the song.

This can only go wrong if you make it a competition between your children, with mine it has lead to arguments or punch ups.  So, I tell my boys that it’s not a race.  The plan is both of them have to be dressed by the end of the song.

It works wonders!

They get to hear their favourite song AND end up doing a little victory dance once they are dressed!

Before I press play I place their clothes in separate piles.  The thought of having to get out their own clothes (especially on a school day) is overwhelming at the best of times.  They’d prefer to be playing. Having their clothes out also saves me telling them over and over to go and get their clothes out.  By me doing it for them I avoid getting annoyed or angry with them. It also allows me to keep a check on how many uniforms are left in their cupboards, hence reminding me to do some washing before the next school day.  It’s a win – win!

The worst school mornings would be the ones when you don’t realise there are no clean uniforms until it’s almost too late and have to do an express wash and dry at 7am!  It’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit.

I also like to have music playing throughout the day to lighten the mood.  Listening to music during dinner seems to help relax everyone and makes our dinner times fun!

Give it a try, avoid a bit of morning agg with some funky tunes!


Have a great weekend!




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