Getting little hands in the dirt

We finally started a gardening project today! I’m hoping the seeds are still ok, I bought them quite a while ago.

First we chose a sunny part of our backyard, then prepared a garden bed to plant some vegetable seeds.

Both boys had a turn digging up the dirt, putting seeds into the rows, watering the seeds and pushing their little wheelbarrow around to take away the roots and stones we dug up.

The highlight for them was finding a tiny red centipede and a big worm in the dirt!  They liked picking up the worm and checking out how much it wriggly across their hands. We looked closely at the centipede and watched him move quickly across the trowel before we put it gently back in the dirt.

I had my hands dirty at the time and no camera in the garden, so unfortunately I have no photos of the little critters we found.

Our biggest hurdle during today’s project was keeping Lucky our beagle, away from the worm and out of our garden!

Fingers crossed in a few weeks time we’ll have some carrots and spring onions sprouting! ¬†Stay tuned to find out if we have green thumbs or not.



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