Looking after my skin

Today I wanted to share with you all some of my beauty rituals.  My most favourite things to do to keep my skin hydrated and feeling youthful.

Firstly, I drink a lot of water!  And avoid drinking soft drinks.  (this also helps keep the weigh down!)

I absolutely love on a Sunday to do a facial.  I buy and also make some of my own products.  I start by cleansing, then do a scrub and lovely clay mask.  If I can get the timing right with the little boys watching TV, I can have a nice relaxing soak in the bath by candle light, maybe even with a sneaky glass of wine!

I also cleanse twice a day, and remove any make up first.  If I have time I tone my skin and always moisturise.  Eye cream happens most days.  I have oily skin so I use a facial scrub twice a week to keep the black heads at bay.

I also make and use my own sugar body scrub, using raw sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract and lemon essential.  It’s easy to make, smells divine and makes my skin feel brand soft and smooth.  I’m happy to share my recipe, email me for a copy!  alliecooper@optusnet.com.au



photo credit: Agi Davis www.agidavisphotography.com.au


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