All their love

Being a mother of boys is pretty amazing. They love you with all their little hearts!  I treasure the sweet little things they say to me expressing their love.

One night when I was putting the boys to bed, our oldest son asked his little brother ‘who do you want to marry?’ I was deeply touched, but not really surprised when the reply was ‘Mummy’.  Then his big brother stated that he too wanted to marry me, but explained to his little brother ‘but you can’t marry anyone 10 years older than you’.

It was very sweet, funny and disturbing all at the same time.

And the time they both wanted to sit beside me. One minute we were sitting around the camp fire roasting marshmallows and the next they were literally wrestling each other.  To the point where they tipped the camping chair over with both of them still wrestling each other on it!

I love the way they tell me ‘I love you Mummy’ and wrap their arms around my waist, pressing their faces into my stomach.

I keep all the little love notes they give me, cut out in a heart shapes.  I keep this one where I can see it when I’m blogging!

i heart mum note.jpg

The way they call out to me every night as I leave their bedroom

“Goodnight Mummy, I love you. Goodnight!” and

“Goodnight Mum, I love you to the furtherest Vigro Supercluster and back, times infinity!”

These and countless others, are the motherhood moments I wouldn’t change for the world!

Kissy photo credit goes to a lovely friend of mine, who is an accomplished photographer,

Agi Davis

Have a great weekend!

Allie xx


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