The treasures waiting to be found under the lounge and other mysterious items

It was dark.  Approximately 4.30am when I woke up.  To the sounds of my husband groaning and our little man coughing and coughing.  I took him out into the lounge room and set us up on the leather lounge.  Thinking if he’s upright it might help and get him back to sleep.

I covered the lounge with a soft blanket to keep the chill from the cool lounge off our bodies.   All was quiet except for the muffled sounds of the dog snoring from the next room and the buzzing sound emanating from the stereo, which had been left on all night.  I reached for the remote to turn it off.  Using the light from my mobile phone I searched but to no avail.  I pushed my hand down the side of the lounge in case the remote had made it’s way down the crack.  I felt my finger hit something sharp and slice into my skin.  Damn it!  No remote AND I cut myself on an unknown object.

I got up, turned the stereo off manually and snuggled into my little man, trying to ignore the stinging coming from the fresh cut.  His coughing persisted.  He felt hot.  And he was telling me how much his ear was hurting.  A fever.  And most likely an ear infection.  Bugger!

I gave him some pain relief, a drink and helped blow his little nose for him before we snuggled up again.  Sleep, unfortunately didn’t eventuate.

Ever found some interesting items down the side of your lounge?  Losing the remote control has brought on the need to search the sides and back of ours.

Usually we find a handful of marbles, tissues, coins, the odd sock or two, dog hair and a few toys.  One thing you can absolutely count on finding is… lollies!  There’s always a few wayward peanut M&Ms!

The kids still want to eat them.  They think finding a dirty, discarded old lolly is like finding treasure!  Trying to stop them would be like wrestling John Cena to the ground.  Damn near impossible!  Where do they find this super human strength?  My guess is lollies are a powerful motivator.  Never the less, I somehow manage to over power them.  Just!

Upon searching down the side of the lounge this morning, I did find the sharp object that cut my finger.  A used toothpick (eww – gross!).  I also found a plastic spider, a broken zip tie and some dog hair.  Not quite the haul I was imagining.  Not treasure at all.

And a trip to the doctors confirmed my little man has an ear infection.  Poor little guy.


Photo credit: local Brisbane photographer and a precious friend of mine – Agi Davis!

Agi Davis Photography



5 thoughts on “The treasures waiting to be found under the lounge and other mysterious items

  1. OOOOOOUCH!!!!! I would have shouted the house down! Ugh, I had an ear infection last year and it made me INSANE! Poor little man. 😦


    1. He’s a brave little man, even the doctor didn’t quite believe me when I told him I suspected an ear infection. He was so cool and calm in the doctors office. Even though the nurofen had worn off. I hope you have a wonderful day Birthday girl! xxx


  2. What a night! Love how you write about the little and big things I often dismiss or get angry about (mess made by little people). Hope he is going to recover very fast!!! XXX


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