Adventures with Lucky

In an all boy family the ultimate accessory is most definitely a dog.

Our boys have benefited greatly from having Lucky our beagle.  That’s for sure!

When they arrive home from being at school all day, they are always excited to see her and the feeling is definitely mutual! Lucky runs around them super excited, jumping around and whimpering as if to say “I’ve missed you, where have you been all this time? I thought you were never going to return.” She acts like this even if we’ve only been out for 20 minutes.

Our little Lucky loves the boys no matter how many times the little man whacks her, she keeps coming back for more rough and tumble play!  I love that she is gentle with them and extremely playful. Especially when she’s on the trampoline with them.

Winnie the Pooh quote

She watches out for them and seems to be checking to see if they are OK when they are hurt and upset.  This might be a female thing or just that she’s formed a special bond with them.

In the mornings she uses her nose to open the baby gate and sneak into the lounge room, she jumps up onto the couch where they are watching TV.  She sniffs and sometimes licks their little faces to say hello.

Sometimes she even seems to be counting us. Making sure we’re all there.  If I come home with only one of them, she looks around for the other.

The boys like to take turns holding her leash when we take her for a walk.  They even fight over who sits with her on the couch!  What I love most of all is hearing their laughter and the excitement in their voices when she does something funny.  Which is most days.  It’s priceless!

The only thing I regret is not getting her sooner.  She’s completed our family.

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